Chatbot in a Browser

Until now, all of my Impractical Bots were Impractical Twitterbots, tied to the Twitter platform. As I re-discovered recently, that means they are all at the mercy of the capricious Twitter API. Alas, poor @wumpus_bot! A casualty of API changes.

A Bot in a Web Page

As a test, I decided to create a somewhat crude interface for interacting with a chatbot in a web page. I decided to start simple, using the pre-built ELIZA chatbot included in the Python Natural Language ToolKit, or NLTK.

After stumbling through a variety of pieces of technology, I present: Chat with ELIZA

The Details

The backend code is running uWSGI to call a Flask app, all of which is in a Docker container running in an Amazon EC2 instance. When I said stumbling, those are the technologies I stumbled through.

If you want to build your own, the code is available on GitHub at: